Our Tour de France – Pre-trip

When you die, can I have your maps? -my brother

My parents gave my brother and I the best childhood we could have dreamt of. We were always out and about on adventures; every weekend and every holiday. As a family, we made particularly special memories in France, taking regular trips by car and ferry to our favourite spots. On a couple of occasions, we went on long road trips, right to the south of France.

My brother and I looked up to our parents in awe as they found their way around the foreign country with ease. I never thought that one day I would be in a position to follow in their footsteps.

However, as luck (and hard work) has it, in August this year I will be doing just that, and I am so excited!

My partner and I have planned a two week trip from Dover, right to the south of France and back again, stopping at nine different locations on our way.

We will be clocking up a total of over 2260 miles over the fortnight which will cost a whopping £300 in fuel!

We mostly just want to explore, enjoy the driving and find our own favourite places, but we have a few things we are definitely looking forward to.

  • Visiting the palace at Fontainebleau
  • Crepes
  • Disney!
  • Renting a boat on Lake Annecy
  • Driving through Switzerland
  • Looking at super cars in Monte Carlo
  • Fresh croissants for breakfast
  • Rivers and castles
  • Having the roof down on the car
  • Lots of hotels

Life is all about adventure, and I can’t wait to go on this big one with my best friend!