I have quit social media.

Social media should improve your life, not become your life.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat… you name it, I have deleted it.

Most people I tell, agree what a good idea it is and how they are in the right mind to do so themselves. I doubt many of them actually do. I doubt this not because I do not trust them or think they would lie, but because I know first how how completely addictive social media is and how checking it constantly throughout the day can become obsessive.

I struggle slightly with my mental health, I have had issues with OCD in my past and still battle with bouts of anxiety. I am not embarrassed to say that I am on medication to help me control the anxiety, but I still have bad days.

I was having one of these bad days last week, I had felt stressed and anxious for a few days and found myself sat at home scrolling through Facebook, looking for nothing in particular, and suddenly realised how this situation was not helping with how I was feeling at all. I was absorbing a whole load of negative, useless information that was neither educational nor enlightening. It was in that moment that I made up my mind and immediately deleted all of my social media apps.

The first of the month was the following day and I decided there and then to make some changes:

  1. I decided to keep the messenger app on my phone so that I could still speak to my friends. I realised that I really only ever know what is happening in their lives due to their social media accounts, and not because I actually speak to them. This needed to change.
  2. I decided that I was going to spend much more time working on myself and my own happiness. I was going to put more time aside for reading, writing and watching those TV shows I never get round to enjoying.
  3. I was going to spend some time working on my professional development.
  4. I was going to focus on my health and losing some weight.

Today is the fourth of the month, and so far I have already started eating much healthier, I have read the equivalent to what I usually would in a fortnight and best of all, I have been back in touch with some friends I haven’t actually spoken to in years, which is amazing!

I am not saying I will never have social media. In fact, I do think it has the benefit of being able to keep up with family and friends on a day-to-day basis, but I completely believe that a break can only be positive.  I plan to have a break for a minimum of one month, or until I feel that I have successfully put some changes in place to make me a happier, healthier person.

Watch this space…